Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Perfect in Pink!

I have a passion for pink fabric & here are another couple of examples - both made from the same piece of embroidered pink fabric. To ensure the best cut showing the scalloped hemline I have cut the dresses from the bottom section of the fabric & used the top pieces for the bloomers underneath. They have come up beautifully & I am sorry there is no more of this material left as it is so pretty. This was sent to me from the USA a few weeks ago. The preemie baby "Christina" is wearing matching pink silk shoes & the larger "Luca" baby will have a pair also, when I get a few spare minutes to make them!!


  1. Wow !!

    The Babies are Looking Very Sweet In Pink fabric...
    Pink is alos my favorite color..
    Kids Cool Clothing


Welcome to Allsewsmocking - here is Perfect Miss DD (one of my adorable grand-daughters).

Welcome to Allsewsmocking - here is Perfect Miss DD (one of my adorable grand-daughters).
Matching smocked mopsy hat & dress


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I would love to hear your comments on my work or perhaps one of the "babies" in the pictures. These special babies are the handy work of Janan who is a very clever USA reborning artist & does custom orders on request....... pop into her web site - links on the right - & check out the beautiful babies.

What a pleasure it is to sew & smock for the clever artists who create these lifelike 'babies'... amongst my valued customers is Selena Saxton of Toowoomba Australia who is very well known in the reborning industry for her original ideas in presentation & doll creativity.... well done Selena, it is wonderful to sew your designs...

Ordering Custom Clothing.

Feel free to select your own design or one of mine.. please email for further details at jecrab52@hotmail.com
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